Ford City Library is going digital

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Beginning in 2017, our primary communication format for events and news will be electronic media. Specifically, we’ll be letting you know about things through social media and our blog – BiblioFiles.

We’ve eliminated our newsletter. But, for those who still want something to hang on the refrigerator, a printed event calendar will be distributed monthly at the library.

BiblioFiles will be hosted at This is where you will find frequent posts from library bloggers.

And, this is where you can tell us how we’re doing. Your comments will help guide our efforts to meet the information, recreation and social needs of the community.

We need your input!

In this, our first blog post, we would like to ask our readers for input on what you would like our blog to cover. In the comments below, tell us what interests you.

Will you only stop by to read about library-specific topics? Or, would you rather know about local resources, like genealogy, recreation, government and business?

Tell us about the things you liked in our newsletter. Did you really enjoy reading Bridge’s Corner? Were the book and film reviews your idea of fun? Or, were upcoming events the only thing you ever paid attention to?

And, what do you want us to avoid? Too many email alerts? Too few blog posts?

Reader opinions are critical to us as we work to meet your information needs.

For frequent updates on library events, visit or our website at

That’s all for now. Until next time, happy reading!

One Response to Ford City Library is going digital

  1. Anita Bowser

    As a sample of local resource info, return next week for a blog post on the Drug Free Communities Coalition.