eMedia Library

Downloadable eBooks and Audio Books
Download eBooks and Audio Books through our new eMedia Library by OverDrive
        eBooks, Audio Books and other eMedia materials can be used on a variety of devices including your computer, eReaders and other mobile devices.  
Access eBooks and Audio Books, click here.  
About the eMedia Library
You can 'borrow' up to 2 materials at one time and may place up to 2 materials on hold.  
Downloadable materials can not be renewed.  
We will email you when the materials you have on hold are ready to borrow.  
Returning An eBook
It may be possible to return an eBook or other downloadable material
(depending on the title) by logging into your eMedia Library account.  If you don't see an option to
return the material, then you will have to wait for it to automatically expire.
Using eBooks On Your Mobile Devices
You can download eBooks, Audio Books and other eMedia items to your
mobile devices using the OverDrive Media Console App.
Click Here For More Information.

Note To New Library Patrons: You may not have immediate access to the eMedia Library.