Power Down

Ford City Library presents

Power Down: An Electronics Blackout Marathon

Get off the grid

Do you ever look around the room in a restaurant or social event and wonder how people ever managed to function without electronics in their hands? Remember the good old days when people talked to each other at dinner and kids got together for pickup games in the park? Remember when most of the games you played didn’t require charging stations, or thumbs.

Ford City Library staff wants to take kids back to those days of old for a fun-filled event called Power Down. Power Down is a blackout marathon. No electronics allowed and no batteries required.  The library will provide dinner and six hours of activities to any kids, ages 10-17, willing to be off the grid from:

12-7 p.m., May 14 @ Ford City Library

Support the library, too!

Power Down is also a fundraiser for the library and will work in much the same fashion as a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon. Participants will sign up sponsors and compete for high-earner prizes.

The day’s events include:

  • Flash fiction and creative writing programs
  • Drama games and improvisational exercises
  • Self-exploration through art
  • Up-cycling art
  • Ice cream making & tasting
  • Retro games
  • Button Making
  • Nail design workshop
  • Relaxation Demonstration
  • A playground visit
  • Kickball
  • Pizza Dinner
  • Reading
  • Board Games

Kids will choose which stations they wish to attend and there will always be an option to read or play board and card games. All electronic devices will be collected at the start of the event and returned to participants when they have finished.

For details or to register contact the library: 724-763-3591 or fordcity@armstronglibraries.org. Once you've registered, complete a Power Down Packet and get started finding sponsors.