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The Worthington West Franklin Community Library was formed out of a two-person committee of the Worthington West Franklin Joint Parks and Recreation Authority.


The two-person committee expanded its membership adding more volunteers and became a municipal-supported, state-supported public library in 1985.


The library is financially supported by the library division of the Pa. Department of Education; the New Castle District Library; Worthington Borough and West Franklin Township, Used Bookstore,   foundations, and annual giving by residents, non-residents and library members.


The library is located at 214 East Main Street; 15 miles east of Butler, Pa. and 7 miles west of Kittanning, Pa., just off of Route 422, Benjamin Franklin Highway, at the junction of Main Street and Bison Road.



Provide information resources, education and recreation for the public good.


  1. To become the primary information, education and historical center for the two supporting municipalities and surrounding areas.

  2. Provide recreation in the form of fiction in all its various formats, regularly adding new materials.

  3. Provide programming in support of all age groups: children, juniors, young adults and adults.

  4. Become a vibrant community center where everyone is welcome.

  5. Develop a website that is the primary online resource for the supporting municipalities and surrounding areas.

  6. Showcase historical photos at the library center and also on the library's online presence.

  7. Become a resource for business information and programming.

  8. Become a resource for environmental information and programming.

  9. Become a resource for agricultural information and programming.

  10. Become a resource for religious information and programming.

  11. Provide the communities with the five literacies as described in the PA Forward Association program to assist individuals to enhance their quality of life: 

• Basic literacy

• Information Literacy

• Civic & Social Literacy

• Health Literacy

• Financial Literacy


  1. Jackie Shaulis – President – West Franklin Township

  2. Cindy McDonough – Secretary – Worthington Borough

  3. Linda Shaffer – Treasurer – West Franklin Township

  4. Debbie Ewings – Worthington Borough

  5. Esther Bevenington – Worthington Borough 



Elizabeth Switzer – Library Director
Sadie Jageman – 
Library Assistant


The Board of Trustees meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the library. 

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