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About Us/FAQs

About Armstrong County Libraries

Welcome to Armstrong County Libraries! We are made up of Apollo Memorial Library, Ford City Public Library, Kittanning Public Library, and Worthington-West Franklin Public Library. While we collaborate together to support the needs of the community, we operate as independent libraries and are not a county system. Please contact your local library for more information on what is required for a library card, donations, programs, and more as they differ for each one.


Have some questions that need answers? Look no further:

  • Can I get one library card to access all of the Armstrong County Libraries?

    • No. The Armstrong County Libraries do not operate as a system, and so are all independent of each other. ​ However if you are a member of one library you are eligible for a membership at our other county libraries at no cost. Contact your local library for what you need to do to get yourself a library card!

  • Does it cost money to get a library card?

    • That depends! Each of the libraries have different regulations that determine if members of the communities need to pay or if they are eligible to have a free card. Contact your library to find out!​

  • How can I get in touch with my library?

    • Each library has different ways to get in touch with them! Visit their page to find out which would be the best way for you to reach them.​

  • How can I tell if my library has a book that I'm interested in reading?

    • On each of the library pages, there is a button that says "Search the Catalog". Click that, and you'll be in your library's catalog! From here, you can search by book title, author name, keyword, or subject. Happy hunting!​

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