Friends of the
Worthington West Franklin Community Library:


Add to the resources of the library by operating a bookstore/gift shop & other means to raise funds.

Members and Officers

  • Melanie Bowser, President

  • Roseanne Phelps, Vice President

  • Brenda Clepper, Secretary

  • Cathy Riddle, Treasurer 

  • Gretchen Trulick Wolffe, Liaison to Library Board   

  • Kathy Bowser

  • Mary Dunn

  • Bonnie Stewart 

  • Allanna Wolffe


Date: Second Wednesday of the month: 6 p.m.

Location: at-the-end-of-the-hall bookstore, 214 East Main Street, Suite 1, Building B, Civic Center

Friends of the Worthington-West Franklin Community Library

Meeting Minutes


Date:  Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Present (9)):  Melanie Bowser, Bonnie Stewart, Cathy Riddle, Kathy Bowser, Mary Dunn, Brenda Clepper, Roseanne Phelps, Gretchen Trulick Wolffe, Allanna Wolffe



The meeting was called to order at 5:30PM


I.   Treasurer’s Report – Submitted and accepted


II.  Old Business 

            This being the Friends’ inaugural meeting, there was no old business


III.  New Business

A)  Election of Officers:

  • President—Melanie Bowser,  nominated by Gretchen Trulick Wolffe, seconded by Cathy Riddle

  • Vice President—Roseanna Phelps, nominated by Melanie Bowser, seconded by Gretchen Trulick Wolffe

  • Secretary—Brenda Clepper, nominated by Melanie Bowser, seconded by Cathy                                  Riddle        

  • Treasurer—Cathy Riddle, nominated by Bonnie Stewart, seconded by Gretchen                                    Trulick Wolffe         

  • Liaison to Library Board—Gretchen Trulick Wolffe, nominated by Melanie Bowser,                                  seconded by Roseanne Phelps


B)  Cathy Riddle will contact bank about new officers signatures on account


C)  Popped Envy Fundraiser planned for early spring, Gretchen will contact company for samples            


D)  Other possible future fundraising opportunities discussed:  Texas Roadhouse rolls, Valley Dairy, Subway


E)  Community Yard Sale Friday and Saturday May 10th and 11th (Mother’s Day Weekend), we’ll be accepting donations of books as well as yard sale items and selling tickets for a raffle basket (Bonnie soliciting donations from local businesses)


F)  Facebook page will garner suggestions from patrons of authors they’d like to see available in our book store


G)  Future meetings will be held at 6:00PM on the third Wednesday of the month rather than 5:30PM, motion by Melanie Bowser, seconded by Roseanne Phelps. There being no further business, a motion was made by Roseanne Phelps, seconded by Brenda Clepper to adjourn meeting at 6:30PM