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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

Elevate Your Print Operations with Elite Thermal Paper from Master Distributors

Envision a world where your point-of-sale interactions, be they at bustling gas stations, bustling healthcare facilities, or the vibrant realm of hospitality, glide smoothly thanks to one key player: thermal paper. This isn't your ordinary bond paper; it's a league apart, thriving in a diverse array of printers. 

What sets thermal papers apart? No need for an ink ribbon. They come alive in  thermal printers, where the heat causes a reaction and the chemical on the paper changes color to form images . An added perk? These printers are low-maintenance, sans the movable parts, and they eclipse conventional inkjets with their lightning-fast printing speeds. 

Enter the realm of Master Distributors, the titans in the POS supply landscape across Canada and the U.S. We're more than a distributor; we're your ultimate ally in all things receipt and label printing, boasting an arsenal of top-tier thermal paper rolls. Our inventory spans beyond - from cutting-edge POS hardware to adhesive labels, and everything in between, ensuring your POS needs are not just met, but transcended. 

The Magic of Thermal Paper Printing

How do these rolls transform into crisp images and text? It's a dance of chemistry and heat. As the paper glides under the printer head, a special coating undergoes a thermal metamorphosis, creating high-definition images.  

At Master Distributors, we don't just sell paper; we offer a promise of durability and longevity. Our thermal papers ensure your receipts and labels stand the test of time, with an unwavering clarity. 

Discover the zenith of thermal paper rolls and a plethora of POS supplies in our online haven. For a more personalized journey, dial 1-888-905-7008 or reach out at


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