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What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Ping Pong?

Are you bored? Tired? Worried about why your ping-pong game isn’t improving? There are some common traps you may fall into as a beginner and they can hold you back from progressing to the level you want to find yourself in. At the table tennis store, we have come across players who always keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you out and teach you ways to avoid these mistakes. In this article, you will be looking at common mistakes to avoid when playing ping pong. This will help you master the art of a professional and also give you an edge over any newbie.

The first common mistake beginners make when playing ping pong is the improper grip on the paddle. Holding onto the paddles too tightly and positioning your fingers incorrectly can affect your control during games. Always make sure to use the proper grip when playing regardless of the style you chose. Balance is key here to be firm and sure of what you are doing.

The second common mistake being made by players is, not focusing on proper footwork. When playing the game of ping pong, it is important to maintain proper footwork. This will help you get in the right position to hit the ball perfectly. If you find it difficult to move your feet effectively, it will affect your results during games. So, it is therefore crucial to maintain proper footwork to achieve the best result.

A lot of players are guilty of improper footwork, and you can see it when they find it difficult to maintain good reach during games. Even the professionals always find a couple of minutes to work on their footwork, because your footwork is part of your game. Aside from the arm which is also very useful in returning serve. Footwork plays a more important role in making you win games when it matters most.

Furthermore, it is important to learn the act of spin and serves. You find new players hitting the ball flat without putting a touch of fine spins. Not learning this skill makes you very predictable and easy for your opponent to return. Improve your game by learning the act of spins and serves to become good at gameplay.

Another common mistake being made by players is over-hitting the ball. This is often done by rookies. Every player always has that urge to smash the ball against their opponent. But it is done with skill and not force. Learn what you need to learn when it comes to smashing the ball to avoid overhitting the ball and elevate your game to the next level.

Among every other thing, consistency is very important. Practice! Practice! Practice! Working on your consistency on the above-mentioned common mistakes, you will find your game improves over some time.

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