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Get High-quality Sandblasting Services from Metal Finishing Specialists

Are you looking to make your metal components more attractive or durable? Do you need reliable sandblasting services for your commercial products? Look no further. 

Rusty Lions is the top metal fabrication and finishing shop in New Jersey. We specialize in sandblasting services – a surface cleaning method that’s widely used on metal components to achieve the desired finish. From smooth to rugged, sandblasting can achieve the precise finishing you need. Sandblasting is mainly used as a surface preparation method or to remove old paint and powder coating.

Rusty Lions has offered its sandblasting services to a wide number of industries. The method includes projecting sand particles at high velocity and pressure onto a surface to remove dirt, grime, and other impurities. The result is the removal of contaminants like stains, rust, and grime with a uniform and lustrous finish that’ll protect your parts against corrosion and wear for several years to come. 

 We’re the Leading Surface Finishing Experts

Our skilled and professional applicators have state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill sandblasting projects of any volume that exceeds the client’s expectations. Whether you want to remove old paint, prepare the surface before a new paint job, or polish the surface to make it new again – Rusty Lions can deliver on all fronts. 

We also have other abrasive media to achieve the precise finish you desire. Get in touch for high-quality yet affordable sandblasting services in New Jersey. 

Learn more by calling 347-613-8103 or sending an email to to get in touch. 


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