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How to Select the Best Japanese Platform Bed

Before the introduction of platform bed frames, Japanese people used futons as their platform beds. A futon could serve as a bed and a couch. But nowadays, Japan is renowned for the manufacture of high-quality low-profile beds. Japanese platform beds are not only comfortable but also space-efficient, and that is why they’re becoming increasingly popular across the globe. By reading this article, you’ll get to know the different types of Japanese platform beds, as well as the surefire tips on how to select your favorite Japanese platform bed.

Types of Japanese Platform Beds

Nowadays, there are countless professional platform bed designers in Japan. And as such, the market is highly flooded with different styles of platform beds. Below are the common types you can easily come across when shopping around for your favorite Japanese platform bed:

1. Fujian Platform Bed with 2 Night Stands King

This is a low-profile Japanese platform bed with two nightstands on either side. The king bed is about 26 inches high with a bed frame measuring 7 inches above the floor. It’s a very unique design that everyone may wish to have.

2. Fujian Modern Platform with 2 Night Stands King

It’s a king-size bed with a headboard. The platform bed frame measures 26 inches high and the bed frame of 7 inches. Nightstands are 7 inches high and can be detached. It’s a modern design and assembling is pretty easy.

3. Fujian Platform Bed with 2 Nightstands Queen

This low-profile Japanese platform bed has a hardwood frame. It has symmetrical nightstands, which are completely detachable. The queen bed is 26 inches high and the bed frame measures 7 inches from the ground.

4. South Shore Step One Platform Bed with 2 Drawers

This simple design has minimalist lines. It fits in all types of décor and can complement any piece of furniture inside your bedroom. It has two drawers, which have inlaid handles for ease of use. With this bed frame, you don’t need any box spring.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Japanese Platform Bed

When buying a platform bed, it’s good to know that its outer look is as important as its functionality. You indeed want a stylish bed that is within your budget. Consider these tips when buying a Japanese platform bed:

Look at the height of your platform bed. A platform bed that is very low to the ground leaves more space above it to use for shelving and other forms of storage.

You also need to consider the design of your platform bed. Bear in mind that the design of your bed is going to affect the space around your bedroom. So, you should always go for a style that will leave adequate space to allow for movement.

The material used to make your platform bed is also `worth considering. A bed constructed with a durable material is likely going to serve you for the next several years. Wooden Japanese platform beds are sturdy and are resistant to damage. Never forget that the most durable platform beds are made of steel.

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When scouting for a Japanese platform bed, make sure you go for one that is going to meet your needs. One great thing about Japanese platform beds is that they have an outer platform around the frame, which offers additional space for storage purposes. For instance, when the mattress is laid on the frame, a space of about 6 inches is left around the bed that can be used to keep small items, such as clocks, alarms or even a cup of tea.


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