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High-quality Powder Coating Services by an ISO-certified Shop

Manufacturers and fabrication shops need to protect their equipment from rust and corrosion. Powder coating has risen as the preferred painting method to protect items with visually pleasing results. Rusty Lions provides powder coating services to finish your metal components effectively. Our full-service solutions can take care of everything from cleaning to preparation. We treat each stage with minute expertise to achieve the finish you desire.

Why Choose Us?

At Rusty Lions, we are committed to completing your project with a fast turnaround and minimal costs. We ensure a uniform and smooth coating process with stringent quality checks to ensure an optimal end product. Our expertise extends to automotive, commercial, architectural, and industrial powder coating services. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose our metal finishing company:

·      Quick Turnaround Time

·      Professional and Prompt Services

·      High-Quality Finishing

·      Retail, Commercial, and Architectural Metal Finishing Capabilities 

·      Environment-Friendly Services

·      Multiple Colors, Textures, and Finishes to Choose from

Request an Estimate

Reach out to us for high-quality Powder coating services. We extend the life of your items affordably. 

Call 347-613-8103 or email us at to request an estimate or discuss your project. Our experts will provide a no-obligation quote and get started on priming your metal and non-metal parts. 


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