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Navigate Through Divorce with the Leading Anaheim Divorce Attorney

Divorce is mostly accompanied by other problems like child custody, asset division, child/spousal support, etc. The involvement of children makes it further complex, as parenting plans must be drawn up that serve everyone’s best interests. But even without children, navigating divorce can be complex.

As the leading Anaheim divorce attorney, Jos Family Law can help you navigate the complexities and challenges of divorce. We’ll understand your situation and create a parenting plan that aligns with your child’s best interests, reach a just and equitable asset division settlement, and take care of your needs throughout the process.

What can our Attorneys do for you?

Our attorneys will understand your situation and determine whether collaborative methods or litigation are right for you. We’ll negotiate or mediate a fair agreement with your spouse, but if that doesn’t work, we’ll provide compelling arguments and evidence in court to achieve your goals.

Our Anaheim divorce attorneys will manage the whole process – from filing paperwork duly to achieving steadfast resolutions that put your life back on track.

Call us at 714-733-7066 or send an email to to schedule a free initial consultation with our Anaheim divorce attorney.


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