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Which Places Sell the Most Books?

If you're a writer becoming an author by self-publishing a book, it's crucial to understand all the market channels in which you can sell. If you can, consider finding a book fulfillment company to help you get into more retail channels, but first, learn more about them. Large online booksellers have been the classic place to sell books in quantity for the past 20 years. They dominate the industry and give opportunities to independent authors. However, other ample sales opportunities in brick-and-mortar stores are worth investigating and understanding. Their buyers likely deal with book distributors that can help you.

Big box stores, including warehouse clubs, are significant booksellers, even though they might not come to mind. They tend to specialize in limited genres, which might not be suitable for every book, but it's an opportunity if yours fits their categories. Being discovered by your target readers is vital, and the traffic in big-box store aisles helps you get noticed. If you asked most first-time authors about volume book sales opportunities, you might not get answers about chain retailers other than bookstores. Familiarizing yourself with the opportunities and where they exist can make you more successful and profitable.

Local independent bookstores are near and dear to many people who write books. While they may not be the retail channel that makes you rich, they can help start a buzz. Prominent local bookstores and excellent spots to hold launch events and presentations are often covered in the media. You can hold an event at a chain bookseller's store, but it may not have the same cache as a long-established independent with an established following. Part of sales involves promotion, and getting into the media with news of your event helps. Partnering with the store and combining your lists is an excellent plan.

If profits are on your mind, are you set up to sell books directly from your website? It's the most lucrative selling method because you aren't splitting the profits with anyone. You'll need to set up a secure eCommerce capability, which requires planning and investment. But if your sales volume is significant, you can be a profitable author selling your work directly. A website, regardless of whether it directly sells books, is essential today. People who hear about you or your book will check, and they need to find something to spark a book sale. Launch your site before your book is released.


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