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A Walk in the Park

Kittanning's Riverfront is a Special Place

By Anita Bowser

Whether you're solo or with friends, this beautiful park along the Allegheny River in Kittanning offers a respite for the soul. It's always a treat, but the blossoms and warm breezes of a waning spring make now an ideal time to enjoy this local treasure. Join us here for a pictorial stroll along the river's eastern shore.

The park is a colorful, fragrant place this time of year.

Picnic spots & benches, in sun or shade,

can be found north & south of the bridge.

Those who made history are remembered here.

And, right now, future history-makers are honored as well.

Lamp posts, gazebos & gardens are part of the park's quaint charm.

The park is ideal for birders, fishermen, & those who crave the natural world.

Wherever you are, take a little time to find a green spot or a wetland. Spring is almost over, so get out and enjoy it while you can.

Please consider sharing below any advice you might have for visitors of Riverfront Park.


Anita Bowser is a writer and blogger from Butler. She’s a volunteer at Kittanning Library and has worked as a grant coordinator, reporter, copy editor, content writer and a library director. Her favorite past times include reading, writing and walking in the park. Contact her at and find out more at

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3 comentários

Beautiful photos of a joyous place. I can’t guess how many hours I spent — mornings , afternoons, breaks from work (clearing my head as much as possible) — in all parts of the park. My favorites were the benches in the northern section. People you encounter in this park are generally in a good mood and smile and say hello. I will revisit soon!


It is a beautiful place to walk your dog!


Anita Bowser
Anita Bowser
28 de mai. de 2020

My favorite things to do in this park? I love to sit in a sunny spot and read for hours here. There are some truly great eateries and shops nearby. I like to pick up something refreshing and delicious to enjoy while I take in the beautiful scenes in this relaxing spot. Also, my dog reminds me that she LOVES to walk in this park! We get really excited when we catch a glimpse of herons and geese on the river.

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