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Enjoy a Beautiful Garden

Courtesy of the Ford City Garden Club

Circular garden on the southern end of Ford City

Text and Images by Anita Bowser

Since 2008, the Ford City Garden Club has been sprinkling little bits of paradise in neighborhoods across the borough. In a community-wide beautification initiative, the group has created new gardens, reinvigorated forgotten lawn areas, spruced up streetscapes and benches, and inspired a renewed sense of pride within the community.

Welcome Friends & Enjoy the Gardens!

Third Avenue, North of Downtown

On a shoestring budget, members adopt spots throughout town and cleverly convert them to pleasant green spaces for the enjoyment of all. Some of the first gardens were developed where Tenth, Eleventh and O'Connor streets meet Third Avenue.

A well-maintained garden adorns the area near O'Connor Street and Third Avenue.

Ford City Library

Planters decorating the borough municipal building are maintained by the group along with the courtyards at the Ford City Public Library.

Prior to 2009, the library's exterior was too much for the busy library staff to maintain. River rock and overgrown hedges made the grounds unusable. Through a partnership with the library, the Ford City Garden Club transformed the space with perennials, benches, container planters, and tables.

The group maintains the space so that library staff can focus on library work. For one day each spring, the library is home to the Garden Club's only fundraiser - its annual plant sale. More details about the library's facelift can be found on the Garden Club's website.

Tables and benches allow visitors to sit in front of the Ford City Library, where they can enjoy a snack and socialize.
Benches and rose bushes line the side of the building where guests often rest, read, or connect to library wifi.

Downtown Business District

From hanging baskets to gardens and planters to outdoor art, the Garden Club provides downtown visitors a special treat, all the while reinforcing the quaint turn-of-the-century charm of Ford City.

Planter baskets line Ford Street at the center of town.
Gardens and planters accentuate the clock tower at the intersection of Ford Street and Third Avenue.
Ford City Memorial Park is home to several lovely features, including this small garden.

The Ford City Trail

Hikers and bicyclists find welcome respite among the gardens and landscaped areas of the Ford City Trail which runs north-to-south along Third Avenue. A walking loop is accessible at the intersection of Sixth Street/First Avenue and Eljer Way (Second Avenue), near the BelleFlex Technologies building. On the western side, the loop offers a nice view of the Allegheny River and an overlook with planters and gardens courtesy of the Garden Club.

Benches and perennials flank a mural by Cindy Strosser. The painting is found above & behind the PPG tunnel.
Planters adorn the areas around the trail restrooms and the clock tower.

Third Avenue South

Travelers will find parking and well-kept gardens at the lower (southern) end of town. This area gives easy access to the Ford City Trail and Allegheny River overlook. These colorful, fragrant gardens attract pollinators and human visitors throughout the spring and summer.

A circular garden can be found near the trail parking lot on the southern end of town.

We hope you liked our garden tour!


Anita Bowser is a writer and blogger from Butler. She’s a volunteer at Kittanning Library and has worked as a grant coordinator, reporter, copy editor, content writer and a library director. Her favorite past times include reading, writing and smelling posies. Contact her at and find out more at

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These gardens are beautiful!! The FC Garden Club is a treasure!

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