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40 Easy Holiday Excursions

Keep things simple in this busiest of seasons

By Anita Bowser

Brace yourself. The dash and dazzle of the holiday season is nearly upon us. There will be cookies to bake, presents to wrap, tinsel to hang, and last-minute greeting cards to mail.

Every day, with increasing urgency, glitzy ads and marketing circulars rain down on our doorsteps and inboxes. And, all the time, there’ll be Christmas carols on an endless loop inside your head.

It’s easy to get grinchy with the overwhelming, overstimulating weight of it all.

Don’t let the stress interfere with your holiday season. To escape the madness, slow things down with low-pressure festivities with loved ones.

Whenever possible, choose events that only require you to show up. Let someone else take care of the planning and execution.

Relax and take time to smell the pine needles.

By including the people you enjoy most and purposefully seeking out holiday activities that aren’t overly demanding, you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter most.

To help you find your holiday bliss, we’ve compiled a list of some local and regional holiday events. If we’ve missed something, please share the details in our comments section.

Many of the following events are free, but some may require a fee or donation. Always call or check online before attending to make sure you’re prepared and no last-minute cancellations will derail your holiday excursions.

Here they are - 40 holiday events just a short drive from home.

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Beth Milanak
Beth Milanak
Nov 12, 2019

All kinds of events going on. What is your favorite Christmas event?


Anita Bowser
Anita Bowser
Nov 08, 2019

Appleby Manor Church train display will be from Nov. 23-30.

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