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Spring Photos

Social distancing got you down? Don't despair. Living in a rural county has its perks. For most of us, a leisurely stroll in nature is generally close. From Crooked Creek Park to your own backyard, there are plenty of opportunities to experience spring.

Our collection of spring photos comes from Anita Bowser & Beth Milanak, who have been enjoying the season despite the global pandemic.

Crooked Creek Park

Driftwood by Beth

The Armstrong Trail

Wildflowers by Anita

Backyard Explorations

Bring on the Pollinators by Anita
Evidence of Woodpeckers by Beth

'Shrooms by Anita

A Surprise Visitor by Anita

Springtime Walks

Tombstone by Beth
Tombstone by Beth

Discarded Bottles by Beth
Don't Forget Your Raincoat by Anita

Let us know in the comments below how you're passing time these days.

Stay Safe & We'll See You Soon!

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Beth Milanak
Beth Milanak
24 abr 2020

Share some of your pictures with us.

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