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Season's Greetings

A Yuletide Walk

All photos taken by Anita Bowser of her Butler community.

By Anita Bowser

A soft snow began just before Christmas last week and covered the neighborhood in a thick blanket of white. The quiet chill that settled in was a refreshing antidote for my harried soul. And, it was so blissfully peaceful.

I went out walking, inspired by the words of other bloggers, like Kay Owen, who told us earlier this year to embrace the winter, and Mike O'Hare, who generously shared his musings on going with the flow. What great advice!

If you didn't get a chance to experience last week's snowfall, don't despair; winter is here and you will surely get another chance. When the opportunity comes, I recommend waterproof boots, warm gloves, and no earbuds. The quiet is the best part.


Anita Bowser is a writer and blogger from Butler County. She’s a volunteer at Kittanning Library and has worked as a reporter, copy editor, content writer and a library director.

In her spare time, Anita indulges in reading, writing and contemplative walks in her neighborhood. Contact her at and find out more at

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