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Chapter 9: Winners Consider Complexities

1. Don’t oversimplify

2. Understand and work within your information-acquiring and information-processing limitations.

3. Select games that fit your strengths and weaknesses.

Part Three: Winners Control Their Thought Processes

Chapter 10: Winners Are Brutally Realistic

1. Admit that you overestimate some of your abilities and other virtues.

2. Admit that you have some unrealistic expectations.

3. Get objective assessments of yourself.

4. Select your games very carefully.

Chapter 11: Winners Think Logically

1. Accept that, unless you have great intuition, you must rely on logical thinking.

2. Don’t assume that you have great intuition.

3. Develop your ability to think logically.

Chapter 12: Winners Prepare Thoroughly

1. Accept that preparation is absolutely essential.

2. Prepare systematically.

3. Use self-development “tools.”

4. Use checklists.

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