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Spotify Playlist Generator

#### **Spotify Gift Card Generator >>

#### **Spotify Gift Card Generator >>

the spotify playlist generator collection lets you get your dailyweekly dose of fresh music modeled on the amazing spotify discover weekly within 5 minutes youll be able to set this up and even tweak it to your hearts content workflow 1 take a list of artists as input 2 randomly select an artist from this list and usse spotifys fantastic get related artists and get an artists top tracks apis to mashup a playlist 3 add these related artists back to the original list and persist back to the environment setup the environment click on the run in postman button above to import the collection and environment template within your app 1 spotify head to spotify developer and register then create a new app in the my applications section add the clientid and clientsecret to your environment under the newly created app config add the following redirect uri well use the authorization code flow to obtain the refresh token open postman under a new request click on the authorization tab select oauth 20 and fill in these values token name can be anything auth url access token url client id clientid client secret clientsecret scope playlistreadprivate playlistmodifyprivate grant type authorization code request access token locally checked click on request token go through the oauth flow and add the refreshtoken to your environment 2 collection config set the following variables in your environment userid your spotify username countrycode in iso 31661 format n defaults to 5 refer to the algorithm section for more details artists list of seed artists for the collection you can find them as part of the spotify artist link available in the app e g for oasis the link looks something like choose the last section the artists variable is an array of strings so itll look something like 2daxqgrohkeh0fpeiqq2f4 2ooiqof4x2uz4mmptxctie run the collection 1 to verify that everything works as expected run the collection in the postman app using the collection runner 2 the same collection executes in newman as well just export the collection and environment files and execute the following command newman c spotifyplgen json postmancollection e spotifyplgen json postmanenvironment



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