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What to Wear for a Hawaiian Wedding Beach Shoot?

A Hawaiian wedding beach shoot is the dream of many couples seeking the perfect blend of romance and natural beauty. However, the picturesque island setting can sometimes present a wardrobe challenge regarding attire for such an occasion. Whether you're a local bride and groom or are jetting in for a destination wedding, Oahu wedding photographers will tell you that selecting the right wardrobe is key to capturing your love in a timeless and stunning photographic memory. To ensure your beach photoshoot carries the essence of Hawaiian elegance, here’s a guide to dressing for the island wedding of your dreams.  

How do you marry the casual, carefree beach atmosphere with the formality of a wedding day? Allow your attire, from fine details to fundamental choices, to convey the notion of the day's natural setting alongside the formality of your nuptials. Your photographs should encapsulate the relaxed spirit of Hawaii – this is the Aloha State, after all – while still being undeniably wedding day finery.

The first step in dressing for a Hawaiian beach wedding shoot is selecting a color palette that harmonizes with the ocean, sand, and sky. Crisp whites, sugary pastels, and deep oceanic blues naturally complement the environment and pop against the verdant tropical backdrop. The trick is to steer clear of colors that could blend into the scenery or wash you out against the sunny skies and azure waters. Think sun-kissed corals that mimic the rosy Hawaiian sunset or lush greens that nod to the islands' lush rainforests.

Incorporate these tones into your outfits and accessories for a cohesive look that contrasts beautifully with the natural colors of the beach and ensures you'll stand out. At the same time, the camera captures your most precious moments. The beach environment calls for laid-back comfort that does not sacrifice style.  

For the groom, consider light linens and breezy fabrics that move with the sea breeze instead of against it. A relaxed yet tailored suit or a breezy aloha shirt paired with polished slacks can exude elegance with a touch of island cool.

For the bride, the choices are endless. Flowing maxi dresses, bohemian silhouettes, and classic gowns with billowing skirts are beautiful for a beach setting and provide the freedom of movement that a beach environment demands. Consider dresses with open backs, intricate lace, or delicate beading that glints in the sun, further adding to the overall magic of the moment.

In the world of Hawaiian beach photography, details can make the picture. Accessories can be a game-changer for your beach shoot. Consider flower leis, the quintessential Hawaiian accessory, or other tropical blossoms to add a sweet fragrance and a burst of color.  

When it comes to jewelry, avoid bulky items and opt for dainty pieces that complement the natural elegance of your surroundings. For footwear, eschew standard heels and formal shoes. Instead, wear barefoot or sandals adorned with beachy elements, like shells or pearls.


Personal style is essential. You aim to feel your best when dressing for a wedding as intimate as a beach shoot in Hawaii. Sure, there are guidelines to consider, but nothing beats the confidence you'll exude when wearing something that makes you feel beautiful and displays your unique personality.

Remember, the most important aspect of any wedding attire isn't the brand or the fashion norms but the love and celebration you will exude in every frame.

A Hawaiian Beach Wedding shoot is more than just a photography session. It is the embodiment of love and Aloha. With these tips, you can be sure to strike the perfect balance between beachy casual and wedding day chic in your Hawaiian wedding photography. Each element, be it the hue, comfort, accessories, or personal style, contributes to a visual tale as timeless and boundless as the Pacific Ocean that graces Hawaii's shores.  

Searching for the perfect photographer to capture your Hawaiian wedding beach shoot? Look no further than Megan Moura Photography for her expertise and artistry. Your Hawaiian love story, as Megan would say, "deserves to be told beautifully." Contact her today to begin crafting your visual narrative.



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