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How to dress for a baptism and accept: Tips for men and women

Baptisms are one of the most exciting family events. It is about the celebration of the arrival of a new being into our environment, a being who, although he has only been in the family for a short time, receives the purest and most sincere love that can be given.

It is a very special occasion that does not have a set baptism dress code for mom and this is something that can make guests uncomfortable who want to look perfect on such an important day.

There is no set protocol like in weddings, but there are definitely some tips that we can follow to know how to get it right and how not to make mistakes when attending these events.

How should a woman dress at a baptism?

– No long dresses. Baptisms usually take place in the morning or afternoon and it is an event that requires leaving long dresses aside.

– No mini dresses or mini skirts. This is a very family event and it is important to show respect to both the family and the church in which the baptism is celebrated. Therefore, it is better to leave short skirts for another occasion.

– As far as necklines are concerned, more of the same. You have to think that it is an event dedicated to a small child and that part of it is celebrated in a sacred place, a church. Therefore, no deep necklines or open backs.

– Dresses and skirts that are knee-length or maybe a little (very little) shorter, perfect. That is the best length, both because it is suitable and because it is comfortable. That's how it's sure to be right.

– As for colors, baptisms are a good time to wear white, since other types of ceremonies have this color banned. Of course, it is better to ask the mother and godmother of the child first so as not to agree if they have also chosen this color. Another good option is a cream tone, any pastel shade, especially dusty pinks, blues and greens.

– Better to leave dark colors out of your choice, such as black or navy blue.

– As for prints, it is better if they are not strident. In case of doubt and if we want to be sure to get it right, we can think about the type of prints that Spanish royal women wear for these types of events. They tend to be faithful to protocol and study their clothes very well, so we will be right if we follow in their wake.

– Accessories should be discreet and accompany, not be protagonists. Baptisms are not the time for jeweled shoes or huge headdresses and hats. We can cover our heads, but always in a calmer way and thinking that we are going to a daytime event for a child, not a wedding. Nude tones are perfect for bags and shoes.

How should a man dress at a baptism?

– It is not mandatory to wear a full suit, especially if we are not the father of the honored child. We can wear suit pants and a more casual jacket, without being strident or too modern.

– If we are going to wear a suit, better light gray. Black or navy blue are more nocturnal.

– Instead of suit pants, we can opt for chinos or similar pants to combine with a darker jacket and white shirt, leaving the tie aside.

– If we like to wear a tie or bow tie, we can choose slightly more unusual prints, to give an original touch to the look, but in a discreet way.

– Of course, it is essential to wear a long-sleeved shirt, light in color, well cut and well ironed.

In case of doubt, we can always speak with the parents to check the level of seriousness of the event and with other guests, to agree on the chosen dress code.[:]


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