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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Computer Lab Hardware Tracking for Data-driven Decisions

LabStats is a software and computer lab hardware tracking tool designed for higher education institutions to meet their IT monitoring needs. Our tool lets you analyze large chunks of real-time data to make informed decisions regarding hardware usage and allocation across campus. With the dynamic lab mapping tool, IT leaders can enjoy greater lab efficiency, productivity, and transparency.   

Our computer lab hardware tracking tool gives a real-time map of all hardware on your campus for better resource allocation. Provide your students, staff, and teachers with the resources when and where they need them. 

Features of Computer Lab Hardware Tracking 

Here's what you get with LabStats' computer lab hardware tracking: 

·        Real-time Data Access

Get access to chunks of historical usage data and know-how hardware that is being used in your environment. 

·        Lab Mapping

LabStats shows the real-time availability of hardware assets on campus that can be published on your university's website or kiosk.

·        Tracking Reports

Keep track of peak usage hours, location of hardware usage, and duration for which hardware is utilized on your campus. 

·        LabFind

With LabStats, students can find available software and hardware near them with navigational features. 

·        Remote Access

LabStats also displays the live availability of computers on campus that can be connected remotely and accessed by students, staff, and teachers. 


Make Data-driven Decisions with Powerful Insights 

LabStats can help you succeed in providing the resources to your students that they need most while cutting down on unnecessary IT costs. LabStats can be installed throughout your campus on student-facing systems, public computer labs, and staff desktops with a centrally controlled host for the lab managers. 


Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to for a free trial today. 


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